About Us

Empowered Supportive Worthy Relentless

Why do we exist?

We want to provide support for women so that we are empowered to achieve our potential. So many women out there feel like they don’t have the right support when it comes to sports bras, are worried about how they look when working out or are scared to walk into a gym by themselves. These barriers are preventing us from living the healthy and balanced lifestyle we strive for!

This does not sit right with us! 

We want to help increase the number of active women out there and make sure we have the best performing gear we need to be at our best! We have managed to put a man on the moon but we still don’t have the perfect sport bra. Let’s change this.

We are serious when it comes to making sure our gear works for you! Read more about us, our founder, Mari, and her testing background.


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